30 April 2010

This Isn't Your Father's Old Spice

A few years back, "Old Spice" was Dad's aftershave.  Case closed.

The viral spread of this new campaign is an object lesson for all in the persuasion game: done right, an old brand can play Lazarus: rising quickly, almost inexplicably, from the dead. Just as Captain Morgan aimed its guns at a younger generation in recent years.

The Old Spice scent is the same, but the brand is vibrant and new.  And the past needn't be obliterated- merely updated; note the familiar whistling of the classic Old Spice signature tune at the end.

Interesting that it seems to target women, urging them to buy Old Spice for their men.  Axe and Tag, meanwhile, target young men by way of the ever-dependable male libido:  "buy our product = get horizontal with pretty young ladies."

Would love a peek at the research:  how many women buy fragrance products for their husbands/boyfriends?

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