09 April 2010

The New Tiger Woods Ad

There are too many opinions rattling around about Tiger Woods.  Allow me to become part of the problem.

 I like that Nike stuck with Tiger.  Dropping him would have been understandable- and gutless.  Note that the decision itself is consistent with Nike's mission statement:

Just Do It.

Deciding on a direction for this would have been agonizing. The trick was finding a message that would surprise and intrigue the viewer.  One that avoids mitigation and contrition. One that doesn't try to repair the hero, or rebrand with a "bad boy" skew.

Instead, they went with a fascinating "what if," built on the question "what would Earl think of all this?" And they resisted the temptation to resolve anything.

I don't think the ad is 'great' in the way we define great on our show.

But I do think it's perfect.

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