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"Pharoahs of the Frozen Pond
January 2011
Contest spots are tough:  usually lots of explanation and legal details and deadlines and caveats.  Using classic footage from the Hockey Hall of Fame, this spot is designed as an antidote to the all-too-familiar "enter to win!" song & dance.  It began with a long afternoon going through old footage for moments that seemed fun, or funny, or both.
While writing the voice-over I was stuck on one vital question:  which word sounds funnier- ""underpants" or "underwear"? I solved it as any resourceful writer would.  
I asked my kids.

Sask Tel w. Brent Butt

This spot- features a pre-Hiccups, pre-Corner Gas Brent Butt.

Creative direction came from David Bellerive- one of the great noggins in the business.

The brief was to bring home- literally- the range of choices and plans available to Sask Tel customers.

Note that there are two stories playing out at once; the 'story' tucked into Brent's dialogue, and the 'story' of Brent working up a sweat while the young girl does all the work.  Following both at once draws the listener in- making her an active, not passive, participant in the spot.  No kidding: there are actually studies to show that this style better engages the viewer.

I promise I didn't know any of that when I wrote the script.  

Mr. Sub 

Spots debuted: March, 2010

50's retro with 'pleasantville' type music has served me so well through The Age of Persuasion radio series.  So, thunk I, why not employ it in a retail campaign for Mr. Sub?

No way this puppy will be confused with spots around it.  

The Brief:
Designed for a heavy run through March Madness on sports channels, these spots are designed for a male audience, 18-35. Designed for multiple views, you find yourself looking for something new each time. Out-of-sync dialogue adds to the sense of play.

"Sub-Thing Has Come Between Us"

"So You Want to Be a Sub-cretary"

"Rusty's Inner Stirrings"

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