The Age of Persuasion- Book

In The Age of Persuasion: How Marketing Ate Our Culture, Terry O'Reilly and Mike Tennant combine lively social history and years of industry experience to show how the art of persuasion shapes our culture.

Witty, insightful and irrepressibly irreverent, The Age of Persuasion provides a hugely entertaining — and eye-opening — insider’s look at the ever-expanding world of marketing.

"Its strength is the writing. In a straightforward, popular style that is perhaps as close as words on a page can get to O'Reilly's engaging delivery on radio, The Age of Persuasion is an easy-to-read and often subversive primer on marketing, advertising and branding."
               --The Globe and Mail

"O'Reilly and Tennant have a refreshingly earthbound approach to their profession."
               --Ottawa Citizen

"Like the duo's radio show, the book attempts to explain and demystify advertising, and is aimed at the regular people they reach through their work as advertisers."
               --National Post

"Fans of Terry O'Reilly's CBC Radio show, The Age of Persuasion, will welcome this very readable account of the advertising world. . . . Entertaining and informative."
               --Winnipeg Free Press

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