06 April 2010

Desert Island Reel: One of my Favourite Spots Ever

True, it's like choosing favourite Children.  But if asked to grab a few all-time favourite ads to take to the proverbial desert island, this Pepsi spot, 'Spartacus' is an easy choice.

I love how the innocuous 'Pepsi' story is a fire & ice contrast to the original scene of intense selfless courage.

That Romans would care which condemned slave left is bag lunch at the rest stop.

Little touches: that the 'Spartacus' on the lunch bag is written in an ancient lettering style. That it offers a whole new explanation for the tear in Kirk Douglas's eye. And that the chief Roman should sound like a DNA relative of Don Adams.

So much care went into this spot.  From the brilliant-if-mercurial director Joe Pytka, for BBDO New York.

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