06 May 2010

"Mom! Dad! Guess what?"

SFX:                       PHONE RINGS / PICKUP
MOM:                    (answers) Hello?
DAUGHTER:          Mom!  I can't believe it!  I got a job!
MOM:                    A job?
DAUGHTER:          In a commercial!
MOM:                    What's it for?
DAUGHTER:         I didn't ask.  Wow! I can't believe those two weeks of
                             acting lessons paid off!
MOM:                   That's wonderful dear!  What's it for?
DAUGHTER:         Oh, who cares!  The point is, I'll be on TV!  And
                              everyone I've known in my life will see it!  And if
                              it's on YouTube, they'll send it to everyone they've
                              ever met!
MOM:                    But shouldn't you find out wha-
DAUGHTER:         Gotta go!  Love you!
MOM:                    Love-
SFX:                      CLICK 

* * * * *

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