29 May 2013

More Free Lessons from the Best Print Ads

Lesson #1
Great Ads Entertain

Grasping the Age of Persuasion begins by understanding that most of our media are driven by entertainment.  To march out of step with that is to be a pair of brown shoes in a world of tuxedos.  Or an errant paperclip

Lesson #2
Great Ads Engage

Ready?  Let's rewind and replay- in slow motion- what just happened in your mind.  

"Okay, it's teeth.  Wait... the shape is funny.  Awright... it's hard hats.  Why hard hats?  Sensodyne... ah... so it's about protecting teeth."  
Engaging ads invite you into a conversation, and put you to work: using parts of your brain not required with the old-school "we'll talk/you listen" school of advertising.

Lesson #3
Great Ads Assume You're Intelligent

Bulletin Bulletin Bulletin...  People who aren't idiots resent being treated as though they are.  

Lesson #4
Great Ads are Striking to Look At

Even the minimalist ads.  Especially the minimalist ads.  
The late great David Ogilvy used to say "Only first class business, and that in a first class way."  Ogilvy owned a lavish castle in France.  'Nuff Said.

* * * * *

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