16 September 2011

The Age of Persuasion on... "Loud" Commercials

This month, the Canadian Radio and Telecommunications Commission slammed broadcasters for "loud" commercials- ads that blare louder than the programs they punctuate.  

No question, commercials seem louder.  People get angry if anyone says otherwise.

But are they actually louder? 

While working last year on The Age of Persuasion, I put the question to one person certain to know:  the Sonic Swede, the Nabob of Noise, engineer Keith Ohman.

"Well" says Keith, "it's not that simple."

Keith explained, I scribbled notes, and Terry O'Reilly explained in this segment of our 2010 episode Ask Terry Some More.

Seems the answer might be more complicated than telling broadcasters to turn down the volume. 

"Yeah" I hear you saying, "but they're still louder!"

Keep it down, I hear 'ya.  At least, for the moment, we've still got the 'mute' button.

Shhhh!  You didn't hear that from me.

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