26 April 2011

(Free!) Lessons From the Best: Great Print Storytelling

Most print ads might leave you wondering what good the medium is.  Each year, a special few remind you how great it is.

Or can be.

A simple one-colour, text-only ad can still catch the eye, and convey the brand:

The addition of colour, and the change-of-font effectively make the turn from the posh imagery into the econo-reality of Dixon's online shop.  Quickly, the idea builds equity in the mind of the viewer, who is thus attracted to the next ad in the series:

This ad for the World Wildlife Fund, who enjoy a storied history of great ads, uses the one-two appraoch, which introduces a common perception (picture #1) then challenges it (picture #2):

And again, once established, readers come to connect the idea to the brand: therein lies the power of the campaign:

A variation of the one-two is the (wait for it...) one-two-three.  In this case, it's a delicious bit of storytelling in three simple parts:

The common link among these ads- beyond some well-deserved recognition at the 2010 Cannes Advertising Festival, is that they aren't create for the client- they're created for the reader.

Such a simple, so often-overlooked advertising axiom:  the key to serving your client, is to serve your client's client.

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