03 September 2010

Monday at Noon: hear "Help Wanted: Searching for Labour Day"

MONDAY SEPTEMBER 6th  (Labour Day)
CBC Radio One

What do you get when you cross singer/songwriter Mike Ford (Canada Needs You, ex-Moxy Früvous) with the producer of The Age of Persuasion?

You get Help Wanted: Searching for Labour Day- a one-hour radio special on CBC Radio One.  Join the Mike's and travel back- and forward- in time, and all over the world to explore the origins, politics, and personalities behind Labour Day, the "Charlie Brown Christmas Tree" of stat holidays.  Ignored. Overlooked- and perhaps just in need of a little love.

Keith "the Sonic Swede" Ohman, MT & host Mike Ford

Recorded at CBC Radio's Studio 213, it's a new kind of radio/documentary/musical storytelling style.

If you want to listen online, you can catch it in your choice of time zones:  click here.

Here's a brief home movie I took of Mike warming up, as The Swede sets up the mics:

I hope you'll tune in.


  1. Great show - as always. You big turkey.

  2. Hi Mike...Help Wanted was a great program. I'd like to post a link to the podcast on our Yukon Employees' Union page, and on our YEU Facebook page. Please advise if this is possible.