22 July 2010

Cannes Lions: Stories Matter.... Ici!

Here's one of my favourite Gold Lion winners from the Cannes 2010 Advertising Festival held last month.

Months ago I'd received this video by viral email: a sign of popular consecration that eludes many award winning spots.

We know America's AMC for its tagline "Story Matters Here."  When France's Canal+ Pay TV channel launched an original series of films, docs & series, it's agency explored the same creative headspace.

Age of Persuasion followers will know we have long lauded the power of storytelling as a means of planting an idea or brand in people's heads. It was as true for Sheherazade as it is for today's Ad Agencies.

The joy of this wonderful short film is its transition from 'big' to 'small'- from epic adventure to bedroom farce- quicker than you can say "GĂ©rard Depardieu."

And how much humour it leverages from that gloriously abrupt 90-degree turn.

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Here's the spot recommended by Stupid in Regina, below:

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  1. Indeed - here's another. New spot from VW - LOVE IT!